Job Search

Searching for a job needs some planning and some job search materials like a resume and cover letter. With new and advancing technologies, an effective job search may also involve:

  • Submitting online applications and other documents
  • Designing resumes with “key words” to make sure your resume will get noticed by companies using scanning technologies
  • Using social media to network and learn about job fairs, events and other opportunities
  • Checking your social media history and using social media to present yourself positively to employers
  • Preparing for both in-person and online job interviews
  • Understanding the labour market and upgrading your skills to not only get a job but also to keep your job and grow and advance

You can do a lot of planning and job search as a Self-Service Client, if you are not registered yet, you can register Online Employment Services Portal. As a Self-Service Client, you can access WorkBC tools and resources online or by coming into the Centre and using the Self-Service Resource Room.

If you would like more personal assistance with planning and your job search, our staff is ready to help you. You can come into the Centre and use our resource room and register to get help from one of our qualified Career Coaches. Staff can also help you “virtually” using live chat or by phone or by setting up an online meeting.

Keeping On My Job Search Mission

This online training module will help you stay focused and get the job you want! The information will help you set a clear direction, focus on your goals and maintain your determination through the ups and downs of job search. The module will help you understand what is important to consider in picking a job and will guide you to understand what is driving your choices. You will learn how to market yourself and how to make connections to employers and professionals in your field. You can move through the module at your own pace. At the end, you will be well-prepared to dive into your job search. Remember if you need support, there is a Career Coach waiting to assist you at the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre. Call to make an appointment.

Strategies for Coping with Unemployment

Reach out for help. WorkBC Employment Services are free to all British Columbians; the Centre and its staff have great connections to employers and jobs. Professional Career Coaches are there to support you through this challenging time.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable during the job search phase. These are natural feelings. While individuals deal with situations differently, denial, anger, grief, sadness, depression and acceptance are common stages of unemployment. It is important to be kind and treat yourself well.

Recognize reality for what it is. Life treats people with different scenarios that may feel unfair or unjust resulting in disappointment and losses. Although the situation may be hard to accept, doing so gives you a starting point from where you choose how to move forward.

Develop a daily plan. Seeking work is a full-time job. Plan to spend most of each day dedicated to career planning and job search.

Connect with your friends and networks to let them know you are looking for a job to open the door for opportunities. Everyone can empathize with the challenges of job search and most people want to help.

Plan some ‘fun time’. It’s important to engage in activities and have some fun! While you may not feel like getting out, isolating yourself can make you vulnerable to depression.

Make a financial plan. With little to no income, it is important to take advantage of coupons, specials and any other resources that can help you to stretch your finances!

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