B.C. one of only two provinces to add jobs in March

April 5, 2024

B.C. and Ontario were the only provinces in Canada to add new jobs in March.

According to Statistic Canada’s labour force survey, the national unemployment rate increased in March to 6.1 per cent. B.C.’s unemployment rate was lower, however, at 5.5 per cent.

“In the face of high interest rates and slower global economic growth, B.C. held steady in March with a growth of 6,600 jobs and a gain of 75,000 jobs since March 2023,” said in a press release.

“B.C. and Ontario were the only provinces with job gains in March. B.C.’s unemployment rate is 5.5 per cent, the fourth-lowest among provinces and below the national average (6.1 per cent). At $36.50, we have the highest average hourly wage among provinces.”


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