Cyber-risks amplify need for ongoing training schedule

August 3, 2022

“We put a lot of focus and effort in technology but less on the people that use this technology.”

So says Theo Zafirakos, CISO of professional services at Terranova Security in Laval, Que.

While criminals continue to target corporate firewalls in an effort to gain valuable data, educating employees on the risks is often “the most neglected” part of the security equation, he says.

“This is why cybersecurity awareness training becomes very important is we give our staff and our employees access to technology assets and information but we don’t necessarily train them and inform them of the risks and the threats that are associated with those technology assets.”

While training around tools is often mandatory and highly important for some industries, it is often overlooked for office-type jobs, says Zafirakos.

“If you have an employee operating in the field using a dangerous tool, you will train them how to use the tool right before he goes on the job. We have to do the same thing with the technology tools that we give to our employees,” he says.

Source: HR Reporter