How Canada can improve immigrant outcomes and fill labour gaps in essential services: study

November 28, 2021

A recent Conference Board of Canada study offers suggestions to improve the nature of essential work in Canada. (Pexels Photo)
Canada’s immigration system is designed to fill labour shortages, and yet the current system is not keeping up with the demand for essential workers.

One of the reasons is that Canada has a number of immigration pathways for workers in “skilled occupations,” which do not always include jobs that are in-demand. Also, the process for regulated industries, such as nursing, result in fewer qualified workers being able to work in the field that they trained for.

The Conference Board of Canada recently released a study offering recommendations on how policy can improve the situation for the Canadian labour market, and for immigrants who find themselves underemployed. The study is called Valued Workers, Valuable Work: The Current and Future Role of (Im)migrant Talent, and it is written by Dr. Yilmaz Dinc.

Source: PCI