Local tech company has hiring opportunities for technologists from coast to coast

October 20, 2021

Since launching in 2019, a local tech company has made its mark on the tech landscape in Canada — reshaping Windsor, Ontario, into an innovation hub.

Rocket Innovation Studio leverages its diverse pool of talent to service an expansive tech portfolio in Canada and the US. Today, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth and continuing to expand its roster of top tech professionals.

Its full-service development team collaborates, designs, builds, tests, and delivers a range of custom IT solutions to its clients. Using the most advanced technology on the market, Rocket Innovation Studio’s cross-functional team offers innovative development and analytic solutions to its partner companies.

By the end of the year, the company will expand its agile team by more than 100 team members and is recruiting for an assortment of tech-related roles, including product owners, software developers, software quality developers, data scientists, and big data developers.

This local company is open to tech professionals with all levels of experience. What matters the most is having a startup mindset and familiarity with software like C#, Node.js, Angular, React, and others.

Source: Daily Hive