More Canadians look to quit their jobs after pandemic: survey

June 2, 2021

Two new surveys suggest a lot of Canadians are thinking about quitting their job once the pandemic is over.

A survey by Robert Half, a large recruitment agency in Canada, found that feelings of burnout were coupled with feelings of career stagnation, with 62 per cent of respondents saying the pandemic had made them feel stuck when it comes to career advancement and salary growth.

A secondary poll by the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation also found that 42 per cent of Canadian employees say they’re considering changing their job or entire career in the next year.

Brian Gallant, CEO of CCPC and former premier of New Brunswick, said it’s striking that only four per cent of those people said compensation was the reason they were considering a change of pace.

“The findings from the research reveal the pandemic has driven a shift in life priorities for Canadians,” said Gallant, who adds young people and women in particular care more about their mental health and personal lives.

“The number one reason that some Canadians are considering a different job is the belief that their employer cares almost solely about revenue or profits and does not care enough about stakeholders like employees,” he said.

Debbie Carreau, CEO of Inspired HR, says employers need to check-in and be flexible to retain workers.

Source: City News