New jobs and training for young people

May 4, 2021

Young people have been hit hard by the pandemic. To make sure their future stays bright, we’re creating new training and job opportunities for youth, so they can build skills, develop their careers, and get meaningful work experience.

Budget 2021 focuses on protecting people’s health and livelihoods through the pandemic, while making investments in services, infrastructure and opportunities to support a strong recovery and a brighter future for everyone.

Budget 2021 addresses immediate challenges and builds the foundation for a strong recovery, with new investments in health and mental health services, business supports, affordable housing and child care, keeping life affordable for families, and record levels of job-creating community infrastructure.

“Through the adversity we have faced in the last year, we have witnessed the resilience of British Columbians time and again as communities rose to the challenge of COVID-19. As we continue to roll out the largest vaccination effort in our province’s history, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Finance. “We know a recovery won’t happen overnight, but by focusing on the things that matter most to people, we can ensure there are better
days ahead for everyone.”

Source: BC GOV News