Ottawa investing $2.4 billion to support AI in Canada

April 14, 2024

Ottawa is investing $350 million to scale up the adoption of AI across Canada’s economy.

From that funding, $200 million will go towards supporting the adoption of AI across critical sectors such as health care, agriculture, and manufacturing. Another $100 million will go towards helping small- and medium-sized enterprises in all parts of the economy introduce AI into their businesses.

And $50 million will go towards protecting workers in industries where AI is having a big impact – such as e-commerce, finance, and even journalism – through the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program.  The program will help workers learn new skills so that they can use AI to their advantage in their respective industries.

“Because we want AI—we need AI—to be a tool that helps workers become more productive and therefore better paid—not something that displaces them,” says Freeland.

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