A Dream Job and an Amazing Employer

April 9, 2021

Lindsay has worked in traffic management for many years; in 2020, she experienced two layoffs due to the pandemic. Needless to say, Lindsay was stressed and wondering if it was time to move from the traffic management industry to something else. Lindsay came to the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre to do some career exploration to get some job search support; she was not having any luck securing work on her own.

Centre staff provided her the resources and guidance she need to explore careers and the current labor market. She worked closely with a Career Coach who led Lindsay through comprehensive assessments to determine her strengths, barriers, and challenges. During this exploration, Lindsay discovered that she already had acquired a lot of valuable skills that positioned her well to obtain more stable and secure employment! After a series of three interviews, Lindsay was offered full-time employment as a traffic control person with a local municipality!

Lindsay is very grateful. Here are her words:

“I reached out to WorkBC just before Christmas after being laid off for the second time in 2020. Needless to say my self-esteem and confidence with regards to finding employment had taken a huge blow.

After considering changing my career path completely I decided to enroll in their Career Exploration workshops. In the end I decided to stick with the industry I have known for 20 years (Traffic Management). But this time around I was looking for an exceptional employer.

WorkBC was with me through the intimidating and competitive three months process of applying with a local municipality. This was a dream job, with union membership, fair wages and an amazing benefits package. Even when I was overwhelmed and feeling discouraged they were there to guide me and encourage me. When I was hired I was ecstatic! I took advantage of the resource centre to complete required documents for onboarding using their computer, printer, and copy machine.

And after all was said and done, WorkBC staff were even there to help when I realized I didn’t have the funds to get the work boots, warm jacket, and rain gear I needed to start work. Thanks to their funding I was fully equipped with everything I needed to be safe, warm, and dry. I will always be grateful for the kindness and support I received from all of the wonderful people at WorkBC.

Here I am a happy girl with an amazing new employer!”