A New and Meaningful Career

June 17, 2020

Allison is a single parent who was referred to WorkBC by her Community Support Worker. She has a varied and interesting work history including hairdressing, veterinary office assistant, construction labourer, a traffic control person, and on the oil rigs; however, her employment has mostly been short-term, and so she is now looking for long term stable employment.

Allison has experienced a few challenges as she is a survivor of violence and has disabilities that impact her employment, including anxiety, depression, acquired brain injury, and a back injury. Additionally, she experiences some degree of chronic pain that requires her to seek employment roles where she can change positions and take breaks more frequently on the job.

Maple Ridge WorkBC Career Coach assisted Allison by helping her to determine her employment challenges through the DRENA process and arranged a neurophysiological and vocational assessment and a series of career assessments. Allison attended job search workshops and short-term training. She has also worked closely with a WorkBC Customized Employment Specialist to connect her with employers in the area.

Allison has landed a job and is now working at Walmart as a Cashier. Walmart is an equal opportunity employer who is accommodating Allison’s disability-related needs; however, the WorkBC Customized Employment Specialist will remain in contact with Allison and her employer to monitor her progress and provide coaching if needed with the goal of sustaining this employment for the long-term!

Allison’s words: “This program helped me to move on with my life. I now have a meaningful career and I like my job.