An Exciting Return to Work

April 4, 2022

Shaun worked for 25 years as a Red Seal Automotive Painter. Three years ago he experienced some serious medical issues; so serious that he could not go back to his previous line of work. He attempted other jobs but due to his medical circumstances, Shaun struggled to manage and he was unsure what his next career move would be.

Staff at the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre led Shaun through a number of assessments to help him better understand his strengths and weaknesses and to understand what careers were suitable given his medical condition. In addition to these assessments, Shaun attended job search training and acquired the skills and tools he needed to conduct an effective job search. With the support of the Centre’s Employment Placement Specialist, Shaun applied for and successfully obtained a job with the shift, wages and benefits he was looking for.

In January 2022, Shaun began work in a full-time permanent position as a Building Service Worker at a private school. Congratulations, Shaun!