Celebrating Disability Employment Month

September 21, 2020

Karen has long desired to be a social worker, achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and volunteering for years. Karen lives with a congenital condition affecting her eyesight: she is legally blind and unable to drive. Karen’s visual disability seemed to be a large barrier to her finding employment as a social worker.

Karen persevered, applying for positions and constantly presenting herself to potential employers. WorkBC Maple Ridge supported her with one-on-one assistance, help with her resume and interview skills, and searched for supportive employers.

Karen’s perseverance paid off, landing work as a social worker. She has found meaningful work helping others, fulfilling her goals as a professional.

Currently, Karen is making a difference in others’ lives and is excited for her future, where the sky is the limit! She is taking the opportunity to become independent through meaningful employment while gaining confidence from having a supportive employer.

Karen’s employer is ecstatic to have her on their team and the fit is perfect for everyone!

She feels that she has finally found the place that she fits, and her employer is very excited to have her. she loves her new job!