Exploring Skills, Abilities, Expectations and Vulnerabilities

October 30, 2019

In the Fall of 2019, a client of the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre completed a number of WorkBC workshops and the following, in his words, describes his experience and impressions.

The WorkBC Employment Services Centre has allowed me to explore my own skills, abilities, expectations and vulnerabilities. It has also helped me focus on career – in what I would like to do rather than what I thought I needed to do.

There are numerous chapters of this experience, in particular, Planning Your Path, Job Pathways, Setting the Stage, Moving Forward, and Labour Market Research are knowledge and skills which will remain with you forever and may be called upon throughout your working life.

I was also very impressed with other training tools and techniques and involved in this experience: Career Dimensions (Exploring Your Work Preferences), Career Values, Motivated Skills, Barriers to Employment, Success Inventory, and Transition to Work Inventory. My personal satisfaction with the results and reports of these assessments also caused me to think of them as great management tools that I would recommend to anyone regardless of what level of work they wish to achieve, including a corporation that is looking to grow from within.

I can say I have never looked at myself, skill set or career expectations in this depth ever before. It has been an eye-opening experience from which I expect find complete job satisfaction in the near future. As this course is taken as a group class consisting of others with different skill sets and job search expectations, I found it to be very enriching to hear their perspectives and life challenges which led to different considerations and, as such, I found the teachers conducting the courses, Joe and Ralph, to be very knowledgeable and created a friendly classroom environment where everyone felt comfortable to share their ideas and values openly.