Fresh Ideas and Solutions

September 21, 2020

WorkBC Maple Ridge has been working with Fresh Ideas and Solutions with great success. Recently, Michael Morris, the Marketing and Community Liaison for the Centre, spoke with Samantha Daskis, General Manager of the company.

Were you apprehensive about hiring someone with different abilities at first?

There is always an element of apprehension when hiring new employees since resumes never tell the entire story. Working with an individual with different abilities can be a challenge if the training program within the business is not adequate to accommodate the different needs of the applicant, whether utilizing different techniques for diverse learning styles or adjusting the typical language used in the specific business to accommodate a variety of comprehension levels. With our experience at Fresh Ideas & Solutions, every team member we have learns in different ways, regardless if they identify as living with a disability or not, and training needs to be customized to the individual. When training new employees, having an open mind and a bit of empathy for the individual can reduce possible apprehension to hiring people with different abilities.

Are you still apprehensive now?

With the assistance of the employment specialists at WorkBC to help qualify the individual to our needs, I have no apprehension hiring someone with different abilities. As with all of our employees at Fresh Ideas & Solutions, if the person is willing to learn the skills and continuously improve, we want them on our team!

Can you explain how you have benefitted from hiring people of all abilities?

At Fresh Ideas & Solutions, senior management has gained skills development tools for all employees to learn in diverse ways, and our retention of team members is at a much higher rate since we have be an inclusive employer. Our team members are happy, punctual, and genuinely enjoy the work we have for them. As with all businesses, sometimes there are slower periods of production and our team has been very understanding and loyal to our family business during those limited times.

Do you think inclusive hiring is good for business?

Inclusive hiring can be a great practice for all types of businesses. Employee turnover rate is lower, morale is higher, and it develops skills for the community as a whole by integrating all abilities instead of the antiquated practice of segregation. Hiring people with different abilities can foster innovative business practices, which is essential to survive especially during a pandemic.

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