Insights, Persistence, and Hard Work Lead to Sweet Rewards

October 29, 2020

Ian was an Electrical Engineer for many years before being diagnosed with Fahr’s disease, a progressive neurological condition which causes slower processing speed, weaker verbal skills and slower movement. As a result of this condition, Ian had not been able to work a full-time job for more than five years. He was directed by his doctor to only work part-time and to look for jobs that accommodated his condition. While navigating this new world of work, Ian volunteered in the community and through his church. Through these volunteering activities, Ian developed new skills and grew more and more keen to find work; he became known as a hardworking and reliable person and was determined to take on a new job. But it wasn’t easy.

Ian was losing confidence. He wanted to not only find work and feel more financially secure but he also wanted to work to be more socially engaged. Friends recommended that he connect with WorkBC.  Ian contacted and received services from the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre. Through WorkBC Ian completed assessments that determined specific work related barriers and challenges.  Work with staff at the Centre also helped him to identify new vocational aptitudes and interests and assisted him and his Career Coach to fully understand his strengths, limitations and accommodation needs.

After learning more about Ian and his interests and needs, his WorkBC Career Coach approached an employer with experience working with individuals with disabilities. Ian is now working part-time on a candy production line.  Due to the progressive nature of his condition, Ian’s Career Coach continues to work with him and his employer by providing ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure Ian has access to the supports and assistance he needs to continue to work as long as he can.

In Ian’s words:  “I’m grateful for the opportunity and I really enjoy the environment and the support I have received.”