Outstanding Support and Services

October 26, 2022

Sofonia arrived with his mother from Eritrea in 2016. Shortly after arrival in Canada, he began studying Web and Software Development. He successfully completed the program and with a diploma in hand, Sofonias began his job search. He quickly learned that the industry wanted 3 to 5 years work experience. He also learned that most jobs required coding which his training program had not taught.

Frustrated, Sofonias came to the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre in April 2022 seeking assistance. He was provided one to one resume building support, support to prepare for interviews, and assistance and support with his job search. Leveraging the benefits of the Wage Subsidy Program, the Centre Employment Placement Specialist (EPS) directly marketed Sofonias to potential companies until an ideal employer emerged.

Sofonias started with Meescan as a Junior Software Developer on October 11th. Meescan is a Maple Ridge based company that specialized in self-check out solutions for libraries. in Sofonias’ words: “The support and services I received from the firm is outstanding, specially Sheryl went above and beyond to ensure I am helped on different levels including writing resume, appointment flexibility and job placement. And it all contributed big role on the job I was able to find.”

Congratulations, Sofonias!