WorkBC Maple Ridge Gets Rave Reviews

July 21, 2022

The Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre continues to receive excellent reviews from clients. Here are some recent examples. If you need assistance with your job search, call the Centre today; experienced and qualified staff are waiting to assist you. Call 604-460-4600!

Provided me resources to get the job that suits my skills: “I am very grateful to WorkBC Maple Ridge. They have been very kind and supportive with my career goals. They provided me resources to get the job that suits my skills. I’m an immigrant and a year ago I wasn’t sure I could still practice in the field I was trained in. I contacted WorkBC Maple Ridge and was in touch with Tracy. She had spent time helping me get the resources I need. She was so patient and worked hard so I could get the funding I need to go back to school.

I’m extremely thankful to Sheryl S. for guiding and supporting me with the job search. She’s amazing! She has been so patient and kind. She assisted me with resources to help me with my job search including resume and interview workshops. She didn’t stop the support when I got hired, she continually supported me making sure that the job I got best suits my skills and goals. She is very thoughtful, made sure I was doing good and happy with my job. I’m also grateful to Dana for making sure I get the resources for the training/education program that I was in.

It has been a challenging journey for my career but WorkBC Maple Ridge made it easier. I wouldn’t achieve my goals without their support. I couldn’t be more grateful to them!!”

So caring and professional: “As a newcomer and a second language it was not easy for me to find a job aligned with my experience and background. Thanks to WorkBC Centre Maple Ridge, I participated in amazing workshops conducting by Joe who helped me a lot with writing resume and cover letter as well as improving my interview skills. My case manager Dana was so caring and professional and enrolled me in the last minute in AMPLIFY, an excellent fully funded program. I am so grateful of WorkBC for providing amazing services and highly recommend it to those who are seeking help for success.”

Enabled me to gain a very good position: “At a very difficult time in my life, when I felt hopeless and extremely discouraged about ever working again, I was fortunate to receive help from WorkBC. Kathy helped me get funding for some much-needed educational training, and Joe was encouraging in two classes I had him for. These are wonderful people, and I am grateful for them. But I want to single out in particular Rosa Becerril-Rodriguez, who worked alongside me for a number of months. Rosa supported me by encouraging me when I felt low; by listening and following up with me; by finding job postings for me to apply to; by giving me manageable assignments; and, crucially, by teaching me how to tailor my resume to the positions I was applying for. Her work resulted in an unprecedented number of first and second interviews for me, and ultimately enabled me to gain a very good position in which I am now very, very happy. I also would like to say that Rosa showed tremendous dedication and commitment in our sessions, going above and beyond over and over again. It was a tremendous privilege to be helped by her, and I feel both admiration for her exemplary professionalism and gratitude for the work that she was able to do with me.”

I landed the perfect position: “Sheryl was outstanding in assisting with my job search. She was efficient, well-spoken and very knowledgable. She always checked in during the process making sure she was searching for the right job that suited my needs, and straight through to my interview process until I landed the perfect position. I am very happy with her help, I went through a lot in the last year personally and she took a lot of pressure and worry off my shoulders. She definitely is in the right job and cares about her clients. Thank you Work BC!”

Accepted to an accredited coding bootcamp: “WorkBC has been a great supporter throughout my journey. My goal was to further my education to strengthen future employment. Tracey helped confirm my goals matched the job requirements in current and future industries. We reviewed average salaries and compared the experience required for each position. Dana helped me keep track of my goals. She connected me with workshops, like Joe’s, that helped confirm my soft skills were transferrable to my goals and reviewed my resume, helping improve its format. Dana also helped connect me to job fairs where new employers were hiring.

With WorkBC’s support, I’ve been accepted to an accredited coding bootcamp and am on track to learn new programming skills. This will greatly improve my long-term employment opportunities.”

Left an inspired budding entrepreneur: “Everyone here at Work BC Maple Ridge that I worked with was beyond great. They are kind, thoughtful, and above-all very *very* helpful in finding GAINFUL employment or training/resources to get you on your way. I came in very discouraged about employment, tired of treading water, but left an inspired budding entrepreneur. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

WorkBC Maple Ridge is always available to help with your job search, career exploration and planning, accessing training and finding meaningful employment.

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