Tickets Renewed and New Job Obtained

May 13, 2023

Maynor has been running his own licensed painting business since 2014. He has been painting for his entire career. Work began to dry up during COVID and he struggled to maintain a consistent income. At 61, Maynor decided it was time to look for employment rather than run his own business.

After seeing an advertisement, Maynor decided to visit the WorkBC – Maple Ridge Centre. Because he had worked independently for so long, his resume and cover letter were outdated. They needed to be revised to include his experiences, and polished so he would be noticed.

Additionally, Maynor needed to renew his painting tickets to work as a commercial or residential painter. He also needed to take the Scissor / Boom Lift Ticket and Fall Protection Training as his had expired.

Maynor’s career coach and other WorkBC staff helped him:

·         Revise his resume and cover letter

·         Connect with employers

·         Renew tickets needed to start his new full-time job as a commercial painter

After working with WorkBC, Maynor applied to, and was conditionally hired as, a commercial painter for a large painting company. He was provided a competitive starting wage with the expectation of moving up to foreman as he continues working.

Well done Maynor!