WorkBC and The Ministry Collaborate to Help a Single Mom Get Back to Work

December 18, 2022

Cassandra has been unemployed for 3 years. She worked as a cook for 4 years, then Tim Hortons for 10 years as a team lead. After years of being on her feet, Cassandra developed planter fasciitis and it became extremely difficult for her to stand for long periods. Under the recommendation of her doctor, Cassandra left her employment and was required to apply for Medical Employment Insurance.

Cassandra is a single parent of 8-year-old twins and a disabled 17-year-old. With no support from the childrens’ father, Cassandra found it difficult to navigate child-care needs required to attend her initial WorkBC programming. Her file was closed and Cassandra continued to struggle.

After her Medical EI ran out, Cassandra was required to apply for income assistance. After two years she wanted to make a change and she knew she needed help. Cassandra was referred by the Ministry to the ‘Under Single Parent Employment Initiative’ (SPEI) program. Here, she was able to access funded training to change the trajectory of her career. This program offered Cassandra support with childcare as well training while looking for work.

Through the WorkBC Maple Ridge Centre, Cassandra was assisted with a supported job search, work search workshops, career exploration workshops, personal counseling, and skills training to obtain Office Administration certifications. She learned how to tailor her resume for job postings and craft a cover letter specific to the position she was applying for.

With these supports in place, Cassandra was able to find work in an environment that suited her physical needs in a role that she was excited to fill. She is currently working full-time and has opportunity to grow within the company she is working for. We are excited for Cassandra and her family and wish them continued success moving forward.