WorkBC Funding Support and a New Great Full-time Job

January 10, 2022

Erin has a variety of work experience, including administration and bookkeeping roles; however, she has some gaps in her work history and skills, and hasn’t worked since 2017. She tried finding work on her own but was not successful. Erin was able to get interviews but without formal education and certification, she could not compete against better qualified applicants.

Erin learned about WorkBC Maple Ridge and reached out for funding support to take the Canadian Payroll Associate Program to attain her Payroll Compliant Practitioner designation. She was assigned a Case Manager and was guided through the application process. Erin received funding support to take the Payroll Accelerate Training Program at Sprott Shaw College. She received ongoing support and encouragement from her Case Manager throughout her training and she averaged 98.4% on all her coursework!

Erin has secured a full-time Accounts Payable/ Receptionist job with Mountain View Electric Ltd. and immediately upon completion of her training.

In Erin’s words: “The process with WorkBC is long but the Case Managers are very helpful. WorkBC wants to ensure that the applicants will be successful in their endeavors, therefore the CM’s work closely with you on the application and check in regularly. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend talking to a WorkBC Case Manager if you need assistance with employment related matters.”