WorkBC Maple Ridge Gets Great Reviews!

July 12, 2021

Recently the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre has been getting some very good Google reviews. During job search and career change, different people need different support. The four reviews below demonstrate some of these different needs and some of the excellent support and guidance the Maple Ridge WorkBC team provided.

Making a Career Change

“I lost the job I had held for ten years last year. At the first few weeks I was very frustrated and helpless about my future until I got a call from WorkBC. They assigned Dana as my case manager. From her I received a lot of helps , which made me successfully target my next career direction that suited me. I am eternally grateful to WorkBC and the lovely Dana. I hope anyone who lost their job , and would like to turn their life to a brighter future could make WorkBC as first choice. You won’t regret your decision!!!”

Losing Job due to COVID

“Thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, I found myself, like many others, without work. After a year of being off, I got a call from WorkBC asking if I would be interested in help in finding another job. Tracy took the time to find out about me and my interests, while explaining their services. I took the opportunity, and found the people I dealt with very knowledgeable and helpful with what they do. The workshop I took just helpful reinforce the career path I was choosing to go down. Both Joe and Arian took so much time to help me put together a fantastic resume and cover letter, I am so grateful. I went into it skeptical, but with nothing to lose, and I’m so glad I gave them a shot. After 13 years in an industry, change is hard, but welcome.”

Getting Funding for Training and Certification

“My experience with the Maple Ridge WorkBC office has been excellent. I wanted to get certified in my field and had a tight deadline to get my application into WorkBC for aid and everyone involved was very friendly and helpful.”

A Tough Job Search

“The people that work here are honestly angels. They’ve helped me so much on my journey to the career that I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m so thankful to the people at WorkBC for their constant support and knowledge. I’d highly recommend WorkBC to anyone that’s struggling looking for work or can no longer work in the field they’re working in and want to make a chance. The resources are honestly amazing. THANK YOU WORKBC!”

WorkBC Maple Ridge is always available to help with your job search, career exploration and planning, accessing training and finding meaningful employment.

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