Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs As British Columbia Economy Rebounds Post-COVID-19

November 28, 2021

Canada immigration news: The lifting of many of the COVID-19 public health restrictions pushed up the number of people working full-time in retail jobs in British Columbia in September, Statistics Canada date shows.

The West Coast province now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, behind only Manitoba, even as its labour force is growing. In Kelowna, in the province’s Interior, and Victoria, its capital city on Vancouver Island, unemployment hit a low of 4.4 per cent in October.

And it’s not just the retail sector in British Columbia that’s booming again.

Despite a dip in September, the trend this year across Canada has been for more job openings in professional, scientific and technical services as well.

“Since the end of the first wave of the pandemic in June 2020, the number of people working in the professional, scientific and technical services industry has followed a long-term upward trend, with employment surpassing its pre-COVID February 2020 level by 183,000 in September 2021,” states Statistics Canada in its latest Labour Force Survey.

Source: Canadian Immigrant Magazine