Young Canadian workers expecting pay increase if forced to abandon hybrid work model

May 14, 2024

While many employers have made a push to bring workers back to the office, many workers say they can still be part of the company culture without seeing their colleagues often, according to a report.

Nearly six in 10 (59 per cent) Canadians believe that you don’t need to see coworkers in person every day to form strong relationships, consistent across different age groups, found IWG.

And taking that option away from workers and demanding that they commute to the office five days a week can be very costly for employers: Nearly all (95 per cent) of Gen Z employees and 84 per cent of Millennials would anticipate some form of salary increase if they are forced back to the office; 71 per cent of Gen X and 61 per cent of Baby Boomers have the same claim.

Workers want a pay increase of 10 per cent, on average, if they will not be able to work hybrid.

Also, over half (53 per cent) of Millennials would look for another job if they are deprived of the hybrid work option. Just about a third (32 per cent) of Baby Boomers say the same.

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