WorkBC Makes Dream Come True

April 18, 2023

“Without WorkBC I would not have been able to make my dream come true of becoming a nurse. I have joined a profession with job security, financial stability and I’m giving back to my community.”

A single mother came to the WorkBC Maple Ridge Centre from the Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI) program. She was unemployed with 2 children. A victim of violence and domestic abuse, she did not have a support system in place. She lacked the financial support required for education or training. She struggled to find long-term, sustainable employment with her limited experiences. She wanted to make a better life for herself and her children and become self-sufficient.

When she approached WorkBC in 2020, she had completed some of the prerequisites required for the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program. She was taking her Math 11 Foundations and English 12 online through the Maple Ridge Continuing Education centre. She had also taken Human Anatomy and Phycology.

The WorkBC coach offered supports to help navigate opportunities. Together, they researched program options, and pre-requisites for admission. They reviewed financial supports available to pay for school. They found daycare. And they looked at the licensing requirements of the profession. All the while, the mother received personal counselling for employment readiness.

After reviewing her options, Vancouver Career College (VCC) seemed the best choice. It was the most affordable option, and the program hours were from 8:00am – 1:00pm. This left her time to be with her two children. She applied for bursaries and grants and hoped to receive financial support from her boyfriend.

She volunteered with the Ridge Meadows Hospital to meet the admission requirements. She applied to the LPN program at VCC. She was approved for $7500 tuition to help her pay for her studies. She began her studies in September 2021.

Due the support of WorkBC Maple Ridge, this mother was able to attend school, graduate from her program, and become employed full-time as an Licenced Practical Nurse at the Ridge Meadows hospital. We are so happy to see this mother thriving in her new role.