A Privilege to be Helped by the Maple Ridge WorkBC Staff

March 16, 2022

Nathan came to the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre after leaving a very “bad” work environment, so bad, in fact, that he mental health was impacted and he had to take a medical leave. This experience left Nathan unsure of his fit in the workforce.

Nathan took a series of assessments to assist him identify his strengths and his career options. Through training, behavioural activation and intervention offered at the Centre, Nathan’s emotional and mental health improved and he was able to achieve a level of readiness to work on and acquire job search techniques and strategies.

With the full support of the Maple Ridge WorkBC staff, Nathan built-up his confidence and after applying to different jobs and practicing his interview skills, he was introduced to an employer by his Employment Placement Specialist and he successfully landed the job he was looking for. Nathan now works as a Clerk at a prestigious organization. He is working full-time Monday to Friday with a great starting wage. In Nathan’s words:

“At a very difficult time in my life, when I felt hopeless and extremely discouraged about ever working again, I was fortunate to receive help from WorkBC.  Kathy helped me get funding for some much-needed educational training, and Joe was encouraging in two classes I had him for.  These are wonderful people, and I am grateful for them.  But I want to single out in particular my Employment Placement Specialist (EPS), who worked alongside me for a number of months.  Rosa supported me by encouraging me when I felt low; by listening and following up with me; by finding job postings for me to apply to; by giving me manageable assignments; and, crucially, by teaching me how to tailor my resume to the positions I was applying for.  Her work resulted in an unprecedented number of first and second interviews for me, and ultimately enabled me to gain a very good position in which I am now very, very happy.  I also would like to say that Rosa showed tremendous dedication and commitment in our sessions, going above and beyond over and over again.  It was a tremendous privilege to be helped by her, and I feel both admiration for her exemplary professionalism and gratitude for the work that she was able to do with me.”